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Apple iPhone 5S Review: 2 hours more battery life

24 July, 2013 by
The latest iPhone 5S is the best iPhone apple has ever released, and the combination of new components and the fundamentally refashioned iOS 7 makes the iPhone 5S feel fresher than you'd expect it to be...Read more »

Tips on Making Your Battery Last long

23 July, 2013 by
Its does not matter the brand of your mobile device, all mobile phones has the battery problem of not lasting too long...Read more »

The rebel T3 vs Pentax k5 which to buy

22 Jun, 2013 by
The Pentax K5 is better then the rebel. Make sure you get a 50 mm lens also and the battery grip I used a canon 20 d with the battery grip and I'm always using the 50 mm lens most of the time. The real camera out there is the Canon EOS 5D Mark III 22.3 MP...Read more »

Will leaving camera battery on the charger after fully charged shorten its life

21 Sep, 2013 by
Will leaving camera battery on the charger after fully charged shorten its life. The answer is no, modern camera battery chargers are smart chargers. They shut down as the battery fills up then maintain a trickle charge to keep it topped up. But operating between 50% and 75% of full charge gives longest life...Read more »

Losing battery with a new charger

20 Sep, 2013 by
My 09 macbook charger stopped working so I went to apple store and they gave me a new one the day before. I had coconut which shown my laptop battery capacity was at 82% before I got my new charger. The moment I got home it shown that only 74% and now less than 2 days later 69%....Read more »

How to choose a right laptop ac adapter

18 Sep, 2013 by
Since there are so many different adapters on the market, it's essential to check which type of adapter a laptop requires before purchase. Most adapters are marketed for specific brands and models of laptops...Read more »

How to Extend Samsung Galaxy S4 battery life

17 Sep, 2013 by
Now, one of the top smartphones on the consumer market is the Samsung Galaxy S4. It was released in March of this year and it has been a bestseller since then. If you have this best smartphone and want to extend its mobile phone battery life, then here are some handy tips for you...Read more »

When using battery the laptop screen brightness drops off

16 Sep, 2013 by
My dell latitude 500, xp pro, sp3, ie8 screen is bright and easy to see when pluged into charger. When using battery the brightness drops off to about 50% of what it is with the laptop charger. I used the fn key and up and down arrows to adj brightness...Read more »

My HP Compaq nw8440 Laptop Loses Power As If Suddenly Unplugged

17 August, 2013 by
PROBLEMS: freezes on boot; loses power as if suddenly unplugged. Other Symptoms: gets very hot; audible click at boot (on blue squares running) that can freeze it or occasionally lets Win start. Safe Mode always boots...Read more »

The battery life on my MBP is not great

15 August, 2013 by
The battery life on my MBP is not great. It will drop about 75% over a two hour span with only a web browser and Mail open. If I look in the Activity Monitor I can see the process "notifyd" running and taking 10% of my CPU. I've Googled that process to see what it does and found that it helps process notifications...Read more »

Decent cheaper laptop with replaceable battery

30 July, 2013 by
Going to the local computer, office supply, and big box stores it seems like all of the newer laptops have non-replaceable batteries. I'm looking for a 14" machine that is straight Intel so it will run Linux easily, but I can't find any locally...Read more »

Discount Laptop AC Charger For Asus Eee PC 1005HA, 1106HA, 1008HA, 1101HA

27 July, 2013 by
The Asus Eee PC 1005HA, 1106HA, 1008HA, 1101HA power adapter is an invaluable tool for your Asus laptop to get power supply safely. Hence, if the original adapter for your laptop is broken or malfunctioned, you should immediately get a new one to power on your computer and this Asus Eee PC 1005HA ac adapter would be the best replacement...Read more »

NEW 6 Cell Battery for Dell Inspiron 1526 1545 1525

25 July, 2013 by
This 6cel laptop battery is compatible with various Dell Laptops. The battery slides directly into a standardized battery slot found on many Dell laptops and provides power to laptops such as Inspiron 1526, Inspiron 1545, Inspiron 1525 and more...Read more »

Laptop battery plugged in-not charging

24 July, 2013 by
What to do when your laptop battery plugged in but not charging. Hoover on the battery icon and it says, "0% Available (Plugged in, not charging.)". Not sure what changed. It was working before. Charging and holding a charge...Read more »

How to get better laptop battery life

23 July, 2013 by
A rechargeable battery will last an average of two years. You can take steps to get better total laptop battery life and longer battery life per charge...Read more »

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